Why Hire a Fundraising Consultant



Conducting a capital campaign can often be complex.  We have conducted hundreds of capital campaigns and through that experience provide proven methods specifically tailored for your organization as well as a depth of expertise. 

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Mark Davy & Associates - Capital Campaign Better Results

Better Results

Capital campaigns consistently perform better when using a proven professional fundraising consulting firm. As you only have one opportunity to conduct a campaign, it is imperative that the process runs properly. With a qualified firm the organization can expect to raise much more than would have been possible if they do the campaign on their own.



A Coach in Your Corner

We provide a depth of experience, proven systems and practices.  Having a consultant or “coach” will assist leadership in addressing potential issues before they affect the capital campaign effort.

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Mark Davy & Associates - Capital Campaign Fundraising Time


Saves Time

Hiring a consultant will save leadership and those working on the campaign numerous hours of discussion and planning on how to conduct the campaign and what is the best approach.  We also know how to best communicate and message the purpose of the campaign .



We provide objectivity, an outside point of view, one that is unbiased and unemotional.

Mark Davy & Associates - Capital Campaign Objectivity